- About The Brand -

It was 1943, a moonless night in the German countryside. A young doctor was sitting at his desk, holding a wax candle over a small flame. On his bed lay a batch of open letters, all covered in the same handwriting. He had just finished writing his own letter that he was wrapping up. A few drops of wax onto the envelope and sealed with his latest find, a seal of a tulip. It was ready to be sent. As excited as he was to send this back to her, he was even more excited for her responding letter. The correspondence had been going for a few months now. Each letter with new words of poetry and if he was lucky,
having a different seal on it than the one before. It became a tradition of theirs, a tradition that held til the day they became man and wife.

"Often it is a small but it is true dedication that keeps an old tradition alive"



These two people became my grandparents, and though they are both not with us anymore, I was lucky enough to have held some of these beautiful letters in my hands, not only beautiful for their words but for their wax seals. It was passion of theirs long ago and it became one of mine as well.

Hello, my name is Sarah Fee Stetten, and welcome to our corner of the internet!

Not only did I grow up with amazing grandparents whose hobbies influenced me, I also grew up in a world filled with Art from around the world, and naturally took on some artistic traits, later on, going on to study Illustration.

In 2020 I founded Fairy’s Corner as a way to be employed in a creative way!

In the last years the fondness for handmade crafts, especially wax seals have risen and we at Fairy’s Corner could not be more ecstatic.
Many professions, who practice work of the hand and the heart, have all suffered a obsolescence. Their industries have been threatened by the decline of patience for anything that takes time and ability. The ones who have an understanding that the good things in life take a little time, and whose efforts keep us in touch with traditions that fade in favor of convenience.

Of course the market has many options available for wax seals. But we at Fairy’s Corner wanted to bring wax seals into a world with more than just stationary. We wanted it to be in more of our day to day life than just on our charming letters.

We hope to be one of the first companies of this century to bring Wax Seals to the modern market. We have made the goal to provide original new approaches to the design of our products whilst maintaining the traditions of the Wax Seal.


From day one we have made it our top priority to provide exceptional quality and service to our customers at a rival prices.

Our small studio is where we sharpen our tools and create our products. It’s our workshop, think tank and little kingdom for the creation of the post-modern art which we hold so dear. We are humble in size yet grand in ambition, each detail, every intimacy to our correspondence, gives us pride in our output.


We are a small company of family and friends, headquartered in Germany. We work to provide you with the service and products you need for any (and every) occasion. All of us have been aspiring to keep alive the traditional wax seals, while also inventing and embracing new products and materials.


Our Team
Johanna an integral part of Fairy’s Corner. Not only is she my mum, she helps out on a daily basis to meet customer orders and creations.

Johanna sets up all of our shipments, as well as takes care of the management of orders and customer support.

Nadine is in charge of social media and photography of the all products. It is her devotion to detail that ensures you all know exactly what you are getting.

Eric spends his early hours getting shipments ready for the post, they are the foundation to our service commitment.

I create all of our custom designs, from the art to the keychains. I work all hours in my little kingdom, designing, engraving, melting, gluing and polishing all our customer creations - all to be sent around the world.

Thank you for visiting our store! We hope to see you often!


Fun fact: My middle name “Fee” translates to Fairy in German, and that is how the name came to be.


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